SEO Costs & Pricing In The UK

In this article, we will explore the SEO costs associated with SEO services and the price for SEO in general. This will include a discussion of the different types of services available, as well as the different SEO services pricing models. The SEO cost per month in the UK and associated fees can vary greatly, ... SEO Costs & Pricing In The UK Read more »

The Shopify Sitemap Guide

A multitude of things influence the SEO of your Shopify site, and one of these features is the Shopify sitemap, and whilst an XML sitemap might be perplexing for Shopify store owners and might feel like it belongs to advanced SEO, they’re really only for search engines like Google to analyse and index their content, ... The Shopify Sitemap Guide Read more »

Keyword Search Volume Inaccuracies

When it comes to SEO and content marketing, keyword planning is vital as a high-quality backlink and will ensure your website gives you a competitive advantage. However, there's a problem, inaccuracies in data, more specifically there is often an error in the data surrounding search volume provided by openly available software on the market. Let's ... Keyword Search Volume Inaccuracies Read more »

Technical SEO Audit Checklist

Uncover the technical issues that are holding your rankings back and unleash the full potential of your Website with our detailed SEO audit checklist. Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best things a website owner or eCommerce SEO consultant can do is to give their site a clean technical bill of health ... Technical SEO Audit Checklist Read more »

Your Guide To Local SEO Success

Roughly 70% of all Google searches have some form of local intent behind them, so it's straightforward to see that local SEO benefits are huge! Therefore, it's really important you're correctly targeting local traffic, including your GMB listing (or Business Profile as it's now known) for each and every web query that's relevant to your ... Your Guide To Local SEO Success Read more »

What Is SEO & How Does It Work

Search engine optimisation is the practice of marrying a website to a search engine, whilst giving yourself the best chance possible of being found by your target audience. SEO is all about two things, the relationship your website has with search engines and focusing on playing the long game. How it works and your outlook ... What Is SEO & How Does It Work Read more »