Grow the organic Web traffic to your site with my professional SEO roadmap & strategy service

By allowing me to create a detailed roadmap for SEO for your business and your Website you get the best of all worlds before you've started out. You have all of the key, detailed information needed at your fingertips from our in-depth research, you can create or change your content to your timescale, you get to control the flow of content, and most crucially keep the costs down.

Content Planning & Strategy

  • Content mapping

  • Clustered content

  • Clustered keywords

  • Entity analysis

  • Gap analysis

  • Presented in easy to understand spreadsheets

  • Visualised silos

  • Content written by you at your own speed

  • Content software recommendations & guidance

Linkbuilding & Technical

  • If required I will carry out a link building campaign 

  • Links built to all key pages including service/category pages & cluster pages

  • Competitive analysis is carried out before any links are built

  • Digital PR campaigns that build the most powerful links

  • Technical analysis to make sure your site is build on solid ground

  • User experience guidance 

  • Monthly technical monitoring if necessary

Here's the TL;DR version:

  1. I guide you on all of the competitive issues you face
  2. If your site is already live your site it'll get checked for technical issues
  3. I perform strategic content planning based on your requirements
  4. You're handed all of the necessary information for every page – including entity analysis and keyword research
  5. You write the content based on my findings (as the subject matter expert this is best)
  6. I carry out any link building needed to add fuel to the fire of your evolving and developing SEO strategy
Some of the brands I've worked with

SEO roadmap pricing

Under 100 URLs



  • Technical evaluation

  • Content mapping

  • Clustered content

  • Clustered keywords

  • Visualised silos

  • Content software 

  • Linkbuilding for an additional fee 

101-500 URLs



  • Technical evaluation

  • Content mapping

  • Clustered content

  • Clustered keywords

  • Visualised silos

  • Content software 

  • Linkbuilding for an additional fee 

500+ URLs



  • Technical evaluation

  • Content mapping

  • Clustered content

  • Clustered keywords

  • Visualised silos

  • Content software 

  • Linkbuilding for an additional fee 

Here's a more detailed overview of how it works:

Pre-launch: If you come to me before your site/project is launched I'll provide you with all of the competitive data you'll need to compete and overtake your competitors in the SERPs, including:

  • Site build best practices advice
  • UX best practices advice
  • Content analysis and planning
  • Backlink analysis and planning

However, if your site is already live, this is how I'll help you get up to speed whilst maximising the cost of SEO and your ROI.

Technical audit: I start by giving your site a technical SEO audit. Every project should start with a technical SEO roadmap because without it you're potentially building your house on sand and could be missing technical issues that are harming your rankings, such as poor hosting (will the servers support the increased traffic), a missing hreflang, canonical issues, or anything that might be stopping Google's Web crawler from finding and indexing your content.

User experience: How does your UX stack up? Is your site fast and easy to navigate? Your Web design and build must meet user expectations so I carry out checks such as the click depth of your key pages.

Google property analysis: I then move on to your Google Web properties and review your analytics and Search Console to see what pages are doing well, which ones aren't, what the CTR is for your key pages, and where the areas for improvement or opportunities are.

Although the information found within GA and GSC are by no means perfect, they do provide a decent guideline for effectively understanding how your site is currently performing and how much Web traffic you're getting.

Content audit: I then carry out a content audit on your top pages. This involves a detailed breakdown of what each of your pages is missing in terms of main keyword phrases, keyword research, intent, and entities, compared to the top-ranking sites for each page/search term.

Content gap analysis: Next, I carry out a gap analysis (essentially competitor analysis) to find out what content is missing from your Website and should be there. By doing this I create more relevance for your site and give you more ability to bring in even more traffic to your Website, essentially improving the visibility and exposure of your site to new customers. It also gives us the ability to create more internal links to power up your money pages.

Content roadmap: After I've completed the necessary content analysis, I hand over all of my findings which will include all the things needed for each page to compete. This will be everything from entity analysis to keyword research to a guide as to how long each page should ideally be.

Backlinks analysis: I then move on to the all-important backlinks. Backlinks are still critical when it comes to ranking your Web pages highly in the SERPs, so I study their quality overall and how many each page will need to compete (in comparison to the competition).

Examples: If you don't want us to produce the content, I provide clear examples of how key aspects of your pages must be written such as page titles, H tags, and meta descriptions, as well as teach you how to create content based on what Google is promoting at the top of the SERPs and from our findings, I also give you direct access to our content writers.

Internal linking: Internal links make a big difference to how your key pages rank in the SERPs. And it's done by adding internal links from pages that have good external backlinks pointing to them through to the main money pages on your site. By doing this you're allowing the power of the pages with good backlinks pointing to them to flow from them to your key pages. I study which pages are your most powerful and relevant, then create an internal linking campaign to power your money pages. Please note that ideally this should be done when the rest of our roadmap has been completed and is not part of the initial roadmap.

My SEO roadmaps are perfect for all types of website and business

Your online marketing should be personalised, be based on research, and be focused on your target market. Without these things, your return on investment (ROI) will be lower than it could be. In fact, if you want to position yourself as the authority, drive the right audience to the right pages and protect yourself from the constant stream of algorithm updates, then the strategy and insights you'll receive will leave nothing to chance.

You simply follow the process and you'll accelerate your organic presence and online profile.

SEO for local businesses – With over 70% of Google searches performed have a local intent, so if your business relies on the people that live in your area finding you then local SEO is critical because those potential customers in your area must know you exist.

The first thing people do these days when they're looking for a service, somewhere to eat, something to do or somewhere that sells the thing they're desperate for right now is to pull out their phone and search for whatever it is they're looking for, therefore it's vital that you are one of the 1st Websites they see.

This includes checking that your Google My Business is set up correctly.

eCommerce sites – eCom and retail sites often have lots of inventory and can get out of hand in many ways if not set up correctly. These types of sites are typically very costly to a business for an experienced SEO team to work throughout the site, especially when the money allotted to an SEO company would be better spent on link building. I generally recommend the site owner either undertakes all of our on-page recommendations on their own or allows us to go through the roadmap with an employee of the company. The knowledge learned by doing this is invaluable to the site owner, too. However, you might not want to risk putting your site in the hands of someone without experience, and if this is the case I will set out a timescale and budget to work towards.

Lead generation sites – These are different from typical Websites in the sense that they generally need highly focused copy and information on them that will allow potential customers to gather relevant information about the services, tools, or software they promote.

Affiliate/ad sites – Sites that monetise through affiliate links and/or ads on their blog pages / CMS live or die by the amount of organic traffic they receive from Google. Our roadmaps turn underperforming URLs into gold mines that generate profit month after month.

These types of sites should aim to be the main resource for their customers to find reviews and information on their topics, and this can only be achieved when there's a notable increase in trustworthiness through targeted content and links.

In-house SEO – Our roadmaps are ideal for companies that want to evolve by bringing their SEO in-house and only need the roadmap and knowledge so that they can work through their domain at their own pace.

Our roadmaps are usable, so all you need to do is follow the template and document.


The only aspect of the project that isn't handled by you or your team after the roadmap is handed over is link building. This is because link building is a task that must be carried out in a way that can't really be set out in a pre-ordained way.

You can get an idea of the type of links you want and how many you're likely to need for each page, but you can't set out exactly which sites you'll get them from in a roadmap. Link building is a specialist task that should be outsourced to an agency that won't risk damaging your site. It takes time and effort through ongoing research and outreach and must not be left to chance.

My techniques are proven, and efficient, build excellent authority and have a very positive effect on your rankings.

Cost-effective SEO

At the end of the day, nobody knows your product or service better than you do, and with our technical help, coupled with our ability to extract competitive data through information retrieval, you not only keep your costs down by creating expensive content yourself, in-house, but you also get to fully appreciate how rewarding it is to optimise your own Website.

SEO roadmap FAQ

Q: How long will the roadmap take to complete?
A: I aim to have your roadmap completed within 3 weeks, however, large sites might take up to 6 weeks depending on their complexity.

Q: Do you include PPC, email & social within the roadmap?
A: No. I'm an SEO specialist and do not offer PPC, influencer marketing, email, or social media marketing as part of our service.

Q: Do you offer a consultation period after the roadmap is completed and handed over?
A: Yes: I typically offer 2 to 5 hours of consultation time free of charge as there are bound to be questions you'll need answering.

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