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Contrary to popular belief, backlinks are still and will remain one of the most critical aspects in helping a Web page rank highly in Google. In fact, I would go so far as to say that by earning links from other reputable Websites, combined with a solid technical structure and correct on-page strategy your Website becomes a highly valuable asset that Google’s algorithms cannot ignore.

To be blunt, the quality and amount of backlinks you have will make or break the success of your site. This is why the only service on offer is white hat link building.

My linkbuilding process

At all times I look to build links from relevant sites and adhere to the best and most effective practices at all times. Here’s how our process works for every single client, regardless of cost:

Step 1:

I start by analysing the competition and gain insights into their strategies and the number of links needed to compete and their anchor text. It’s nearly always the case that the more competitive the niche, the more quality links you’ll need.

Step 2:

When I’ve studied the competition I then research and look for Websites that are relevant to your niche and receive good monthly organic traffic. This is important because links from Websites that receive organic traffic from Google hold more power than links from sites that don’t receive organic traffic.

I find relevant sites by leveraging the latest and most up-to-date backlink and outreach software that looks for Websites that fit the narrative of your Website.

Step 3:

I then reach out to the Website owners/administrators and discuss adding a link back to your page. This, for example, might be in the form of a straight link, as a useful resource, or from an existing article, or it could come in the form of an article written by us that includes a link back to your target page.

Any content written by us is optimised for search. This is important because, in our opinion, Google rewards links from pages that are ranking well in the SERPS.

It’s important to note that at all times I’ll be adding value to the Website(s) we reach out to.

Step 4:

Reporting – I give you a breakdown of the links built, which will include:

  1. The Websites that I’ve gained links from
  2. The anchor text used
  3. The traffic it has going through it on a monthly basis

The types of links built for you

There are a number of ways to build links, some of which work better than others, therefore I specialise in just three types of link building, as they’re by far and away the best and most scaleable forms of gaining quality links and building an authority site that ranks highly in the SERPs.

Content marketing

Content marketing most definitely still has a place in a good link-building strategy. But the types of sites any links get built on need to be studied carefully before they get placed.

Therefore, your links are built on relevant sites with good trust factors as well as professionally written content (by us). The links are also blended into the content so they’re as natural as possible.

Niche edits

I also reach out to relevant sites that have existing and aged content that’s relevant to your niche and negotiate a placement link back to yours.

These types of links are an excellent way to gain traction due to the fact the page they’re being placed on will already be indexed by Google and will potentially already have some traffic going to it.

PR campaigns

Done correctly PR can land some of the biggest and most powerful links on the web, but to do this you need linkable assets that editors and journalists will want to use. Therefore I study statistics and information that provides insight and data that will grab the content creator’s attention. I then reach out to relevant journalists and pitch them the insights.

These three types of link building are by far and away the best and most scaleable forms of gaining quality links and building an authority site that ranks highly in the SERPs.

Linking the links

This might be a new concept to many, but sometimes the backlinks that are built to your site need backlinks pointing to them from other sites, too!

Think about it this way. The right links from the right Websites are powerful and can change your Website’s fortunes when it comes to ranking highly in the SERPS, but what makes a good link great is if the page that is linking to you is being linked to from other sites/sources.

The simplest way of explaining it is that you’re giving enormous power to the links that point directly to your site.

This isn’t something I recommend very often because traditional link building is nearly always good enough (combined with proper on-page SEO), but every so often, in super competitive niches, it is required if you want to compete and will be what some brands will be doing.

Multi-point check of all websites I look to gain links from

I focus on quality at all times, but when it comes to link building, this is especially true!

All Websites that I see as a good fit for your site undergo a strict manual review to make sure that it meets our standards. For example, here are some of the things I make sure the linking site will not be or will not have:

  • They will not be built for anything other than producing good content and or isn’t looked after by it’s owner
  • The links built will not be from a PBN (private blog network)
  • Our sites will not be found on reseller lists or link farms
  • Links from hacked Websites
  • Links will not be built from sites that offer “write for us” services. These are worthless
  • All sites must pass technical checks such as making sure the owner hasn’t added an X-robots tag to the http header

What you will get from our link building service is the following:

  • Links from sites that have a decent monthly traffic volume
  • Links from relevant Websites within your niche
  • Links built from the body content itself, because these are easily the most powerful links

Linkbuilding is an ongoing SEO task

Linkbuilding should never be seen as a one-time task that you can forget about when you’re ranking highly. Links disappear over time, for various reasons. For example, Website owners might shut down their site or remove the page that was linking to you so it’s important to view link building as an ongoing SEO task.

You also should assume that your competitors will be looking to take back the positions they’ve lost and that they too will be looking at link building as part of their strategy.

Link building to Amazon listings

Many successful eCommerce ventures are based around the Amazon platform but have you considered forcing Google into displaying your Amazon listings high up in the SERPS, and not just within the Amazon organic top spots?

Amazon carries an incredible amount of trust and authority and with a little link building, I can drive searchers on Google directly to your product pages on Amazon. This will increase your profit in two ways. Firstly, more targeted traffic from Google equals greater sales and turnover through being exposed to a new set of people looking for your product(s), and secondly, by generating more sales, Amazon’s algorithm will promote you more/higher within it’s own internal organic spaces which will also lead to greater turnover.

Linkbuilding FAQ

How much does a link building campaign cost?

Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to link building. Every campaign needs to be priced on it’s own merits. For example, ranking in a competitive niche with large well-known brands competing in it will take more links and time than a local niche will.

However, our monthly prices start at £750 and will be dependent on your niche, how many links need to be built over time, and what your competitors are doing.

Why don’t you offer linkbuilding packages?

I don’t believe it’s good practice to offer a one size fit’s all type of system when it comes to link building because every niche and Website requirement is different. For example, £1000 per month will work well within some niches but barely scratch the surface in others.

I believe it’s important to be upfront with our estimations when it comes to project costs.

How many links will I receive for my money?

That will depend on a range of factors, including how large your budget is. Obviously, the larger your budget is the more links I can build.

Why are you more expensive than other providers?

I pride myself on building quality links from established and trusted Websites. If a link building service is charging you a monthly package fee of £500 or under for what they class as good quality links, it’s safe to assume that they’re putting your site and livelihood at risk by building links from spam/junk sites or are hacking Websites so they can inject links without the Website owner knowing, which is illegal (obviously).

Do I need to sign a contract?

No. I believe in freedom for both you and us, and if at any point you aren’t happy with the links that have been built then you can simply let us know, and work will stop.

How long does it take to build the links?

I generally work to a 3-4 week turnaround for each order. Link building is about building relationships with Website owners, which takes time. Again, be wary of agencies/link providers that are offering super fast turnaround times.

Who writes the content for the guest posts?

Our own content writers create the articles for any guest posts that are placed on other Websites.

Does Digital Cornerstone work in all niches?

No. I do not work in the adult, gambling, pharma, or payday loan niches, and never will.

Do you build links for non-English sites?

No. I currently only work with native English sites, although they can be international English-speaking sites.

Interested in working with me?

If so then drop me a quick email detailing your issues and we’ll arrange a time to chat.

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