Shopify SEO services for store owners who know the importance of  organic traffic

Shopify is quickly becoming the go-to eCommerce solution for all types and sizes of businesses, from startups to enterprise companies. In fact, it's growing so quickly that it's the shopping cart choice for over 1 million businesses. Website owners trust it as their preferred eCommerce platform.

With my SEO skill set and experience of working on numerous Shopify stores (including my own personal projects) as a Shopify consultant, I have insights, know-how, and a proven track record of implementing SEO processes that achieve outstanding results. And whilst the overall process of ranking a website highly in the SERPs is through SEO fundamentally the same as any other site, Shopify (like every other shopping cart) does come with it's own set of unique SEO issues.

For example, I might occasionally recommend a certain app or software when I feel it is appropriate for the performance of the store, such as Schema if your theme doesn't have a good structure or isn't showing your aggregated reviews in the SERPs.

However, at all times our objectives will remain clear, to change the way in which your site is performing within the Google index and meet the requirements of your consumers.

Some of the brands I've worked with

What you get with my Shopify SEO service

As a Shopify SEO expert, I focus on the 3 pillars of SEO that make the biggest difference to your Shopify store which are technical, content and links.


  • Crawling assessed

  • Indexing assessed

  • Architecture assessed

  • Internal linking


  • Keyword targeting

  • User intent

  • Content clustering

  • Content mapping


  • Competitive analysis

  • Guest posting

  • Niche edits

  • Digital PR

When your Shopify store is set up correctly from a technical point of view you're essentially building your site on solid ground for the rest of your SEO campaign to grow from. And whilst you might assume that the Shopify platform itself is ready to go out of the box, there are some problems that occur from time to time such as canonical issues.

Next, as an SEO specialist, I see so many sites, often through my SEO audit service with ranking issues due to the misalignment of intent. Therefore, I make sure that you have good content that matches perfectly with the searcher's intent.

This is one of the most critical aspects of SEO because without meeting the searcher's intent you won't rank. It's as simple as that.

I also map out a content plan that clusters search terms together to make sure that you're building topical authority around your collection and product pages.

Lastly, there are backlinks, which are still a huge part of SEO (despite what you might have heard from the SEO gurus) and still have arguably the biggest effect on rankings, when done correctly.

Why Should I Hire a Shopify SEO expert?

As you learn more about Shopify and SEO costs, you may wonder why you should hire a Shopify digital agency. Partnering with a Shopify SEO expert can benefit your business in big, noticeable ways.

In fact, as an experienced SEO consultant, the best results I've ever seen are when specialists are hired to fulfil specific needs. And in the case of your Shopify store, it would be to increase your search engine ranking, implement advanced SEO strategies, implement Shopify SEO best practices and increase organic revenue.

A detailed view of how my Shopify SEO service will rank your store

Whilst Shopify's drag-and-drop interface is undoubtedly straightforward to use, there are still key areas that need to be addressed whilst optimising for any store's long-term success, SEO rankings, and online development:

Technical SEO, analysis & analytics

To reach your target audience there must be an integrated strategy and process that will produce the greatest revenue from SEO, and this starts with an analysis of the basics.

First, as your Shopify SEO consultant, I make sure that your site hasn't got anything technically wrong with it or confusing to Google's Web crawler that will hinder your SEO performance, such as redirected pages that shouldn't be, are there any canonical issues, is your HREFLANG correct (if necessary), or is the usability of your site meeting the expectation of the browser.

I then move on to your Google properties and review your analytics and Google Search Console to see what pages are doing well, which ones aren't, what the CTR is for your key pages, and where the areas for improvement or opportunities are.

Although the information found within GA is by no means perfect, I do have the ability to tear apart and analyse Search Console data through custom extraction software that produces thousands of rows of data that I can analyse to see where you need to focus.

This is a software suite that 99% of SEO consultants don't have access to or are aware of. Mainly because they don't know that you can manipulate GSC to the extent that you actually can.

This information becomes a huge SEO advantage over the long term due to the fact that you have the raw data in front of you to base all decisions.

CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) & image optimisation for SEO

As part of Google's Core Web Vitals , CLS was introduced as a way to measure what is or isn't a good user experience on mobile, based on how each page loads. And whilst it isn't the most critical aspect of SEO and ranking web pages, it's an issue in the vast majority of Shopify stores and must be addressed if nothing else for the impact it can have on conversions.

I address CLS by looking through the code and removing the issues that cause CLS, such as image movement as the pages load. And seeing as eCommerce stores tend to be very image-heavy by nature, you can see that this is a problem, especially within Shopify stores.

By cleaning up the code on your Shopify site, the end result is that'll be left with a store that's not only blazing fast but also better at converting potential customers into paying customers. The benefits of this can't be overstated for both you and the buyer.

Content optimisation for SEO growth

Well-written content that addresses both the intent of the user and comprehensively covers the topic is vital for the search engine's algorithms. Therefore I'll structure and optimise your collection pages, product pages, and blog posts (basically your important pages) so that they give both the user and the search engine exactly what they need (including the metadata).

And this includes fixing any onpage SEO issues you might have.

Backlinks & internal links provide the fuel to your SEO campaign

Backlinks and solid internal linking are still, and will always be fundamental to SEO your Shopify store's long-term success. Google's algorithms are built around linking from one page to another, so I build niche relevant links that build authority and trust that will cement your pages at the top of the search engine results pages.

I do this through inbound marketing and exposure from other domains within your target audience.

At the end of the day, a well-promoted site is arguably the biggest factor in producing a consistent, long-term ROI from SEO, so I only reach out to sites that meet my strict definitions of a good quality site. Because without careful analysis of each site, it's easy to pay a heavy price in the form of time, effort and money on backlinks that have little to no SEO benefit.

More than just SEO for your Shopify store

I treat your Shopify store as if it's my own and as such have your reputation front and centre of our content marketing when positioning your brand and influencing it's online presence from an SEO point of view.

Therefore, when conducting a campaign as your SEO consultant I guarantee best practices at all times.

A bespoke SEO strategy that's tailored to meet your business goals from a Shopify SEO expert

Business owners have different objectives, but when it comes to SEO and eCommerce stores, there are many common elements that only someone with expert SEO knowledge can unpick.

Most digital marketing companies focus on SEO, social, and PPC, so they can offer their clients the full complement of digital services and make more money from them. And whilst that's fine for some online businesses, it's a surefire way to make sure that you are not hiring an eCommerce SEO expert that offers an SEO service that can change your company's fortunes and bottom line.

My eCommerce SEO services make sure that everything in your Shopify store is optimised correctly, so you get the absolute maximum SEO benefit for years to come.

And because all of the major search engines have many different ranking factors and search criteria that can and do change from niche to niche, it's important to look at search engine optimisation as an investment in the long-term success of your company.

But the fundamentals of SEO will never change and your user experience must be customer-centric. This includes making sure that your Shopify products, your product descriptions, and product images (great for image search) are set up correctly.

It's also vital that you become one of the authority websites within your niche if you want to maximise your SEO return on investment. And to do this I create highly targeted content clusters in the form of articles within your blog content, along with internal page links that link together, and that all link to your money pages. By doing this I create topical authority in the eyes of Google which will result in the reach of your organic search increasing dramatically.

Finally, as mentioned above, links matter for SEO, but relevant inbound links matter the most. So I study the links and the authority of competitors, but when I say authority, what I really mean is, are they showing up regularly for a wide range/many different search terms within your niche. If they are it's most likely they have authority in the eyes of Google. This is because they have the right content and good backlink profiles.

Ready to create a Shopify SEO campaign and beat your competition?

The fact that you're aware of the potential discoverability and reach that SEO can have on your Shopify store shows that you're awake to the fact that organic traffic can take your Shopify store to dizzying new heights in terms of sales and your company's bottom line.

However, without a carefully planned out eCommerce SEO strategy and detailed digital marketing roadmap, your brand can quickly and easily waste time and money whilst your competitors are converting all of your organic customers, so why not get in touch with me today to discuss your store and how I can help you with my SEO service for Shopify.

Shopify SEO FAQ

Q: How much will it cost to work with you on an SEO project?

A: Every project is priced individually, and based on the amount of SEO work that needs to be done, as well as the strength of the niche/competition.

Q: As my Shopify SEO expert, how much work will you do on my Shopify store on a monthly basis?

A: This will depend on your budget. The bigger your monthly budget, the more me and my team can complete.

Q: How long before we see any results from a Shopify SEO campaign?

A: This will depend on how well optimised your site is currently and how well optimised your competition's websites are, but I follow SEO best practices at all times and generally see the results from Shopify eCommerce sites quite quickly.

Q: Will we be tied into a contract?

A: No. I don't tie you into a contract because we believe that either party should be able to stop all SEO work if they feel the need to.

Q: Will you carry out a Website redesign of my Shopify store if necessary?

A: No. I don't touch the design of your store, this must be carried out by your chosen designers and developers team if required.

Q: Do you provide PPC management (including Google shopping) or influencer/social media marketing as part of your service?

A: No. Digital Cornerstone is a Shopify SEO specialist and doesn't offer a service for PPC (including Google Shopping), display, or email advertising.

Q: When I'm looking to hire an SEO consultant / Shopify SEO expert like Digital Cornerstone, are there any hidden costs that I should be aware of such as a technical SEO audit?

A: Some SEO agencies insist on SEO audits before they start working on content and links, and to be honest, it's a good idea.

A detailed SEO audit will allow an SEO consultant like me to map out a Shopify e-commerce SEO strategy that will provide you with a detailed roadmap that will clearly define the areas that need to be addressed and how much it will cost.

If this is something you require then I will quote accordingly before we embark on an SEO campaign. However, if you already have a good understanding of the areas that need to be addressed then I can set about working on those areas immediately.

Q: Do you need access to Google Search Console & Google Analytics?

A: Yes. To make sure that your Shopify SEO strategy is on point I'll check your owned properties to make you don't have a Google penalty.

This will be one of the first things a good Shopify SEO specialist will look for.

Q: Are Shopify sites good eCommerce stores when it comes to SEO and driving organic traffic from the search results pages?

A: In my opinion carrying out SEO for Shopify is much the same as doing Magento SEO or WooCommerce SEO. It comes down to content marketing, inbound marketing, and user experience. Shopify sites are straightforward and easy to use, and highly flexible if you're using Shopify Plus.

Q: Is it important to hire an SEO consultant that specialises in Shopify SEO?

A: I believe that it's very important to hire an SEO expert that's well-versed in all aspects of Shopify SEO as Shopify has it's own set of unique features, strengths and weaknesses that can only be addressed by an experienced Shopify SEO consultant that's got hands-on experience with the platform.

Q: Do you recommend Shopify apps to help with SEO?

Yes, although I don't recommend many apps, there is one app that I nearly always recommend that help with Shopify SEO, and that's Crush Pics.

Crush Pics makes your images smaller and lighter which helps with the load times of your Shopify site which in turn leads to better conversions.

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