About Alex

My name’s Alex Nicholas (on the right) and I own Digital Cornerstone. I’m an SEO consultant who’s dedicated to helping small and medium business owners up and down the UK reach their ranking potential with tailored search engine optimisation campaigns.

I work with everyone from small start-ups to large and established eCommerce sites to local companies looking to bring more customers through their doors.

2012 – Learning through ranking personal projects

My obsession with SEO started in 2012 when the potential for growth that quality SEO offers became all too clear. After I took his first steps into the world of eCommerce as a reseller of gym equipment, I quickly learned that organic search was and still is the main driver of targeted traffic to the vast majority of Websites, way beyond paid advertising.

By quickly learning the basics of site architecture, keyword optimisation, and topical relevance, the results started speaking for themselves with the gym equipment Website starting to rank at the top of the SERPs for a wide range of highly competitive search terms, against some very large, established, and very well known companies (including Amazon).

Learning from the best

Along with learning on my own Website, I also assisted an on-page SEO consultant (who is still regarded as one of the best in the UK) by testing his market-leading DIY SEO course before it’s launch. The knowledge and wisdom gained by working with him on it have been immeasurable and provided a solid understanding of what search engines want and why they want it.

Evolving search

If you’ve been involved in the world of SEO in any way, you’ll have noticed that it can become an obsession for many, and I’m no exception. Studying patents and methods is part of my everyday life because organic search is constantly evolving. In fact, if you aren’t aware of the changing landscape and how search engines evaluate and rank Websites you can quickly be left behind.

Google updates its algorithm(s) thousands of times per year, and whilst the vast majority of these updates are small and unnoticeable, some are huge. In fact, some are so big that the entire landscape of the search engine results pages changes overnight, so I make it my aim to understand and stay abreast of everything that’s happening so you don’t have to.

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