Professional Technical SEO audit service that covers all aspects of your site

The SEO industry has grown massively within the digital marketing sphere over the past few years as website owners have woken up to the revenue potential that can be gained from organic search and Google search in general. However, what's also increased is the number of poor-quality, budget SEO campaigns and SEO audits from cookie-cutter agencies and consultants that simply run a crawl of a website with a tool like Screaming Frog and pass it off as an SEO audit without understanding, and oftentimes even looking at any other data points, nuances and real-world problems the site might have such as bad site architecture or poor user experience.

A professional SEO audit from Digital Cornerstone will provide you with a bedrock for your content and backlinks to perform to their full potential, along with a roadmap of how your website can reach it's full SEO potential.

And whilst being presented with a full breakdown of problems, coupled with a roadmap might sound like an obvious deliverable, many site owners aren't ever presented with any details of what's actually wrong with their site after the audit is handed over, therefore won't understand the severity of the SEO issues that are acting as blockers and are holding their entire website back in the SERPs, resulting in lost traffic and revenue.

Some of the brands I've worked with

SEO auditing that puts your site on an upward trajectory

My SEO audit services are designed to study and maximise the potential of your site by making sure the search engines can crawl, index and understand your content from a website crawler and user experience point of view. In short, my SEO auditing process will bridge the gap between the search engine and the end user and provide signals that are essential for increasing organic traffic.

Choose your SEO audit service

Full SEO Audit



  • Delivery: 14-35 days

  • Small, medium & large websites

  • Ideal for establised and growing businesses

  • Content analysed 

  • Links analysed 

  • Competitive analysis

  • Clear roadmap 

  • Findings presented in an easy to understand format

Technical Audit



  • Delivery: 14-28 days

  • Large & small websites

  • Every angle covered with over 200 checkpoints

  • Everything from security to site structure

  • Latest software used

  • Clear roadmap 

  • Findings presented in an easy to understand format

Backlink Audit



  • Delivery: 14-28 days

  • Are your backlinks helping you grow

  • Is your backlink profile safe

  • How do your links compare to your competitors

  • Number of links are needed to compete

  • Clear roadmap 

  • Findings presented in an easy to understand format

Why do I need an SEO audit?

SEO audits provide you with the data you need to grow. In fact, nothing beats the complete analysis of a website that an SEO audit will provide. The investigation and review of your site that I’ll carry out will identify what’s holding your website back and how it must be fixed. It’s only when a proper SEO audit is carried out that you can uncover the missing elements and unleash the true potential of your website.

By using Digital Cornerstone to conduct an in-depth analysis of your website you gain the benefit of knowing exactly what’s wrong with your site and what needs to be fixed. My SEO audit service will unlock the door to having your ideal customers find you online as I run through a massive checklist on your website that covers every possible SEO issue.

From backlink analysis to site architecture to a thorough tear down of your Google Search Console data, I identify whether you're missing quality signals, domain authority and everything else in between that's affecting your Google search performance.

An SEO audit that extracts all of your hidden search console data

By using custom extraction software I can pull massive amounts of data from Google Search Console in the form of thousands of rows of data that will allow me to understand how Google is treating your site and why.

The software I deploy simply isn't used by your average SEO consultant or agency who will look to tools like Ahrefs for this type of extraction if they need help or want to sound like they even know what they're doing. There is absolutely NO guessing here, it's 100% data that Google holds on you and is essential if you are to change the trajectory of your site.

SEO audit GSC image

There's also very little difference between eCommerce sites and service base businesses when it comes to studying and conducting the Google Search Console aspect of your SEO audit. The free information provided by Google is there, it's just hidden and needs extracting.

An SEO audit from me will generate thousands in additional revenue

The whole point of SEO is to produce an ROI through being found organically via search engines (overwhelmingly Google), and without a detailed audit and roadmap it's highly likely that you'll budget for and spend thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours going nowhere, or worse still going in the wrong direction whilst potentially damaging your site.

By paying for one of my SEO audits you'll be eliminating this risk and maximising your website's potential through implementing my findings and providing Google with all of the signals it needs to see you as a specialist within your niche.

And it's only when the implementation roadmap is carried out that you'll see true organic growth.

All SEO audits focus on true ranking factors

There are hundreds of ranking factors that affect the way a search engine, and in all honesty, nobody truly knows which factors are applied to any given search result, because the weight of various ranking factors (for example, links and content clustering) is different for many different search queries.

However, my experience can tell me which ranking factors carry the most weight when analysing a SERP with the main focus being on user intent.

My SEO audit process will make sure that your landing pages match up with the intent behind the search, because if your landing pages don't match the intent then you'll almost certainly not rank for those search terms.

It's all about aligning your money pages with search terms (search intent), making sure that your user experience is providing the correct signals to Google and building authority within your niche(s).

Lots of SEO agencies and SEO consultants will sell you cookie-cutter plans that only focus on adding more content in an effort to take as much money from you as possible without understanding the needs of your business, analysing the SEO costs and what purpose your content must serve.

And the truth is that more often than not, this isn't the way forward. For example, your content needs to fulfil a purpose for both Google and your users rather than ticking boxes, and your backlinks need to hit certain metrics to make them valuable and strong enough to move the needle.

My SEO audits focus on traffic, rankings & revenue

Each of my audits comes with a detailed roadmap for you to work through that will drive up rankings, traffic and therefore your company's revenue.

It's a framework/strategy that enables you to fit a budget around the work that needs to be carried out, be that development work, content optimisation, content development or linkbuilding.

There is no “one size fits all” to search engine optimisation or digital marketing, and this is one of the main reasons nobody has been able to reverse engineer Google's algorithms.

A detailed website audit service that will push your site through the plateau

It's not unusual for websites to get stuck at certain traffic levels after a few years, and whilst this isn't out of the ordinary it can be frustrating, especially if you're consistently pumping out good content month after month.

My bespoke SEO audits will pinpoint why that's happened, what your next steps should be, and most importantly why you should take the steps I recommend. And like everything else I present it'll be based on data and analysis and will be delivered in an easy-to-understand format.

I utilise the latest software for every SEO audit

At all times I use the latest and most comprehensive software available, including custom tools not used by 99.9% of the SEO consultancy or agency world.

This is all in an effort to guarantee that every single aspect of your SEO audit is covered. Thousands of data points are checked and analysed to make sure that you get the best possible return from your investment.



  • 200+ points checked

  • Missing elements

  • Broken elements

  • Crawl issues

  • Indexing issues



  • Topical relevance

  • Topical coverage

  • Clusters

  • Entities

  • Intent



  • Helpful links

  • Toxic links

  • Competitors links

  • # of links needed

  • Link velocity

The SEO audit process covers every aspect of your website – from backlinks to user experience

Whether it's a technical SEO audit, a backlink audit or a full SEO audit, my end roadmap delivers a clearly defined and prioritised strategy that will be both easy to understand and implement.

I methodically work through everything that's made it to my SEO audit checklist over the years through countless hours of research, testing and analysis, with no stone left unturned. For example, here are just some of the areas that get addressed:

Google Search Console

GSC is often overlooked when it comes to “basic” and quick SEO audits, but I break down your GSC to uncover how exactly your content is performing, where it's falling short and where the gaps that need to be addressed are.

This includes branded and non-branded search queries and whether or not you have a good enough spread of traffic throughout your site going to a broad range of pages.

This can only be understood by pulling all of the available data from your search console.

Site speed

Although website speed isn't as important as many SEO audit experts will have you believe, it's still an important part of the ranking process, especially in competitive niches as it's used as a “last-mile” ranking factor if all other aspects of the top-ranking sites are very similar.

However, having a fast site is super important for user engagement (which is very important) and conversions.

The causes of a slow site will vary from site to site so I assess everything from your server set-up to the image sizes and image compression.

Benchmarking and competition analysis

You can't begin to understand how you're going to compete with your competitors until you know how well they rank, where you rank in comparison and where the gaps and shortfalls are.

So I benchmark your current rankings and show you where you're losing out to them.


If you have more than one page that is the same it's always best to show Google where the original content is located so as not to confuse the web crawler. For example, if you have the following:

You can see that both URLs choose the same product, but by choosing one product as the original you're showing Google which product is the most important.

Therefore, I make sure that there is no confusion on Google's part. This is especially important for eCommerce websites.


URL redirection is a way for users and bots to access content that's moved from one place to another. And although most of the time this is a perfectly normal thing to do if you're consolidating, for argument's sake, a few short articles into one long-form article or merging 2 websites together, there are ways in which redirects can go too far.

Such as going from page A to page B to page C and then ending up on page D. And whilst Google's official stance is that it will follow up to 10 hops in a row, there's a strong case to cut down the number of redirects as much as possible to help your page rank.

Duplicate content detection

Whilst this isn't the big problem that some marketing consultants and most of the SEO industry will have you believe, the success of your marketing strategy will ultimately come down to the performance of your content and whether or not it's found by your target audience.

Therefore it's important that there's strategic planning surrounding the content you put on your site. It's a semantic web that needs the RIGHT content that's linked together correctly.

Site structure

Good site architecture and structure will intuitively let the end-user navigate around your site easily and quickly.

The best approach to tackle this is to look at it from the perspective of the smartphone because that's what people search with. Your site needs to be user-friendly with a great customer experience and user interface, which in turn will send a positive signal to Google that you're a great resource and authority.

Backlink audit

Without a shadow of a doubt, link building matters, a lot! So I analyse the number and quality of links that are pointing to your site to evaluate how many you have and how they stack up in comparison to your competitors.

I provide valuable insights into everything, from the strategy you need to compete, to link rot, to your anchor text optimisation and the type of links needed for your key pages.

Not all links are equal so it's important to factor in all aspects of your backlink profile, including the relevancy of your links and the authority they provide.

Select your SEO audit service

Full SEO Audit



  • Delivery: 14-35 days





  • Delivery: 14-28 days

Backlink Audit



  • Delivery: 14-28 days

An SEO audit from me will provide you with a roadmap to success

Being burnt by other SEO specialists is unfortunately very common within the SEO industry. They all seem to take everything Google's PR machine pumps out as gospel and have never ranked anything of their own through their own sweat, tears and countless 18-hour days.

So often I'll talk to site owners who have been sold an SEO campaign that hasn't even come close to working because the person making the recommendations doesn't have the personal experience to cut through the noise and get to the heart of the problem.

As an experienced SEO professional with over 10 years of conducting research, testing and ranking sites, I've fine-tuned my auditing process to identify and lay bare the problems and bottlenecks that are affecting your site and what you must do to turn your things around. Be that a handful of fixes that you need to focus heavily on or a wide range of issues that will require a team or outside help.

In simple terms, I present you with the facts and an SEO roadmap that are essential to your SEO success.

FAQ about SEO audits

My website rankings have dropped and I don't know why

This is exactly why you need an SEO audit. Unfortunately, websites with good content and links can take a hit in an update so I'll dig deep into your site to figure out what's happened and how it can be fixed.

Aren't all SEO audits the same?

No 2 websites are the same and every site owner will have different needs, and without an audit from an SEO expert, you're effectively running in the dark without a torch.

I get to the heart of your problems and provide you with answers and a plan to fix your problems.

How long does an SEO audit take to complete?

On average an SEO audit takes 3 to 4 weeks to complete, from the moment we have all of the information needed and payment is made. This is the average time, depending on the complexity and size of the website being audited.

There shouldn't ever be a quick SEO audit for any business when you're looking to improve organic search.

What Google properties do you need access to for the audit?

In order to carry out a complete SEO audit, we need access to both your Google Search Console and your Google Analytics accounts.

What is a technical SEO audit?

A technical SEO audit is a broad term for a wide range of SEO elements that assist in the ranking of websites that does not include content and links. And by fixing the important issues you're effectively building your house on solid ground where all of your rankings from your content and links can grow from.

What is the definition of technical SEO?

There's no set definition of technical SEO, but basically, it refers to the ability of web crawlers to find, crawl, understand and index the content of your website.

By getting this right your website visibility will increase and there will be reduced effort on your part along with an increased ROI from the rest of your SEO efforts.

Do you use SEO auditing software?

I use a broad range of SEO audit tools to crawl and analyse your website and to study off-page SEO factors such as links.

High-quality SEO analysis is a complex task and it cannot be completed without utilising the latest auditing technology.

How many SEO audit factors do you check?

It varies from site to site but my SEO audit steps generally look at over 200 different factors depending on the CMS being used.

For example, I have a personal SEO audit checklist that's grown year after year as I'm presented with more potential SEO issues every month, therefore my auditing process leaves nothing to chance.

Many SEO service providers simply run your site through 1 piece of software without really understanding anything other than the basics that the tool presents. I however will provide an SEO audit that's clear and concise and will allow you to prioritise issues.

How often should I have an SEO audit?

This really depends on how quickly you're scaling your website.

If you have a site that's growing quickly with hundreds or thousands of new URLs every 6 months with a range of category pages, then it's a good idea to have an audit every 18 to 24 months.

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