Paying for services from Digital Cornerstone

This Website is set up for the sole purpose of empowering Website and Amazon store owners so they can take control of their digital properties and maximise their efforts and not go through the pain and turmoil I went through.

In doing so I'm fully aware that I'm giving away my knowledge for free when I could potentially charge for my time and services. Therefore you should be aware that from time to time some of the links I provide are to services that pay me an affiliate commission on products or software they sell – if you choose to use them.

I ONLY promote software or services that I believe will truly benefit you and is software that I do, have or do use myself.

However, if you should choose to work with me/Digital Cornerstone, all services must be paid for upfront and in full before work commences.

Last updated on 5th October 2023 at 14:50