Affordable SEO Consultancy Services

Are you looking to improve the organic footprint of your website and drive more sales, leads, and traffic to your business? If so, by hiring Digital Cornerstone as your dedicated SEO consultant you’ll be taking a strategic step towards reaching your business and digital marketing goals.

Digital Cornerstone is owned and run by Alex Nicholas, an independent SEO consultant SEO audit specialist who started out by setting up and ranking personal sites back in 2012 in competitive niches such as gym equipment and health & fitness. So unlike many enterprise SEO consultants, everything learned was done so on personal sites and through countless hours of research and testing.

As a result of this, I’m able to take an expert marketing approach that will maximise every aspect of your Website’s organic footprint by looking at everything from the ground up to assess your strengths, weakness, and potential opportunities so you’re left in no doubt about how I can take your site on to the next level and dominate your competitors. My approach is both methodical and thoughtful with best practices being adhered to at all times.

Some of the brands I’ve worked with

Revenue-focused & profit 1st search engine optimisation specialist

As a freelance SEO consultant, my sole aim is to make your business more money through marketing and training via organic search. A business lives to make money and drive revenue on a monthly basis, so that’s my aim from day 1 of working together, with your service, category or product pages being the main target of my search marketing focus.

There are many SEO specialists whose only interest is to drive more traffic via content marketing through blog posts to prove that what they do is effective. But what is traffic without paying customers?

Whilst high volumes of traffic are important for any project, it means nothing to a business if they’re not turning into paying customers, so I focus my KPIs around the factors that matter to you such as impressions and rankings of the pages that matter.

Why choose Digital Cornerstone as your SEO consultancy?


With over 10 years of experience in content marketing, strategic planning and link building all focused on organic search via Google, I understand what it takes to drive meaningful traffic to a website and there isn’t too much I haven’t seen just from optimising my own projects.


Having been on the receiving end of some very bad advice from a handful of freelance SEO consultants in the early days of my SEO journey, I know what it’s like to be told things that an SEO consultant wants you to hear, rather than telling you things that you need to hear.

Therefore, I make it a priority to give you an honest answer to every question you have with regard to the decisions I’m making.

My SEO consultancy process


Everything starts with your business goals and objectives, so we discuss your ambitions, timeframe and budget so that I can base my decisions on your marketing needs.


Without a thorough analysis of your site from a technical, content and links point of view, I’ll be effectively starting with one hand tied behind my back. So I audit your site from head to toe (including ripping your Google Search Console apart using special commands such as Regex) to see exactly what work needs to be carried out to compete.

Start working on your site

Then the fun really begins. We set out a workflow that I/we work to over the defined timeframe and skyrocket your rankings and revenue.

Digital Cornerstone

  • No long contracts

  • Dedicated contact

  • Clear pricing

  • Quick turnaround times

  • Clear vision


  • Long contracts required

  • No dedicated contact

  • Clear  but expensive pricing

  • Slower turnaround times

  • No clear vision

Freelance SEO consultant services with a data-driven approach

SEO is about gathering information, so I approach search engine optimisation and internet marketing through data-driven analysis, and by utilising market-leading software. The internet is full of service providers whose tools and software are OK up to a point, but struggle to paint a full picture of what’s required to compete within competitive niches. That’s why the software I deploy will you to gain all of the relevant data needed to rank highly in the SERPs and leave no stone unturned.

And this is true for all aspects of my SEO services, whether you’re looking for an organic SEO consultant or a technical SEO consultant.

Organic search traffic is still and will remain for a long time the number 1 driver of brand awareness and sales for the vast majority of companies and businesses for years to come, which is why, after running a handful of personal websites I set up my own SEO consultant company.

Frequently asked questions

What is SEO & why do I need it?

At it’s core, SEO is the relationship your website has with the search engines (mainly Google). It’s the process of increasing the visibility (higher rankings) of your pages and website as a whole so that you gain traffic from search engines.

You need SEO for one simple reason. When it’s done correctly you will gain more customers without having to rely on paid advertising.

Why hire an SEO consultant?

There are many good reasons for hiring an SEO consultant, but the main two are:

  1. The right SEO consultant service will create an SEO strategy that will fit into your marketing mix and deliver expertise and knowledge that will pay for itself for years to come.
  2. It’s highly likely your competitors will have already hired an SEO professional to try and give them the edge by getting to your customers before you do.

Should I hire an SEO company or an SEO consultant?

In some instances, it’s possibly a good idea to hire an SEO agency, especially if you own a large company that has many stakeholders and numerous moving parts. But only if the agency can demonstrate that they’ll be cost-effective and transparent.

However, using an SEO consultant for businesses is often the best route to take because you receive a much more personalised service that’ll give you a great ROI. You also only ever have one point of contact who knows your website inside out.

What does a freelance SEO consultant do?

The best SEO consultants have a broad range of skills, but at the heart of it, an SEO consultant’s job is to increase the performance of your website in the SERPs. This comes down to three things:

  1. We make sure that your website is technically sound so that everything else we do is built on firm foundations
  2. We build a winning SEO content strategy to create and improve new and existing pages that bring in new customers
  3. We formulate a link building strategy based on competitive data that will build authority and trust in the eyes of Google

How much does an SEO consultant cost?

The best SEO consultants in the UK charge between £50 to £250 per hour depending on their ability and expertise. On average though, you should expect to pay roughly £500 per day.

And whilst this might sound like a lot, the ROI from a good SEO campaign is significant. When done correctly SEO will continue paying for itself for years. Here’s a handy guide to SEO costs in the UK that gives you a little more details on pricing.

SEO is like most other products and services in that if you go cheap then you’ll almost certainly end up paying twice, and potentially end up damaging your business.

How long will I need to work with an SEO specialist?

Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule here because it will depend on the strength of the competition and how well optimised your website is, to begin with.

Generally speaking, though most strategies require a 6 to 12-month timeframe.

How long will it be before I see the results from SEO?

SEO is a mid to long-term strategy, but as above, it depends on your starting point.

With the right SEO consultant, you’ll start seeing results for less competitive search terms fairly quickly, with competitive search terms taking around 6 months to rank highly for.

Do you offer local SEO consulting or just national SEO consulting?

My SEO consulting services are for any type of business in the UK, be those small companies that have a local audience or a large eCommerce company with a website that offers thousands of products.

My services are the same for all as an SEO consultant. I’m dedicated to delivering success to your business no matter how big or small your site.