As a local SEO company we target your local trade and customers

Over 70% of Google searches are performed with some form of local intent, so if your business relies on the people that live in your area finding you then it's critical that those potential customers in your area know you exist because the first thing people do these days when they're either doing some research about a product they want to go and buy or looking information about a service, reviews on the place they're thinking of eating or something to do is to pull out their phone and search via they're chosen search engine (usually Google).

For example, on mobile Google will often give the option to click on a “… near by” result. This means that Google's algorithms will analyse the Web pages it thinks are most relevant to your search query and return pages that they believe will satisfy your needs.

How valuable would the web traffic be to you if you appeared at the top of Google for the trade or service you offer be to your business when an organic search is made?

It would be a game-changer for nearly every brand, consultant or expert in any industry.

However, to get the most out of local search engine optimisation you need strategic management of your marketing to gain maximum discoverability.

There are a number of aspects that must be addressed, you can check out my detailed guide on optimising for local search when you get a chance, but below is a snapshot of just one important part of the jigsaw.

Optimising a dedicated landing page – The first step in the local SEO process is to design and build/rebuild a page that will be there for the sole purposes of ranking highly in the SERPS for your number 1 keyword phrase and city. The results and ROI from this will take a little longer than paid advertising (in most cases) but the trust you gain in customers' eyes from appearing on the first of Google will pay off massively in the long run.

Google My Business – Arguably the most important aspect of having your target local market getting in touch with you is by setting up and optimising a Google My Business page so you appear at the top of the search engine results page when a search is made for the service you provide, and by utilising your Google My Business listing you’re instantly putting your shop or service directly in front of potential clients searching for the things offer. Your GMB page is a vital part of your local search engine optimisation process and will bring in a consistent stream of paying clients if correctly set up.

So if you hire me as your SEO, not only will I guide you through setting up your GMB page, I'll also give you tips ideas to get the absolute most out of your listing. For example:

Reviews – In our experience gaining positive reviews has consistently been the deciding factor in driving customers to shops or convincing them to pick up the phone.

Customers nearly always study the opinions of others before deciding whether or not to part with their money, so after your listing is optimised and customers are buying from your business, nothing inspires confidence more than a positive recent review on your Google My Business page.

But you must also reply to your reviews as this is another positive signal to the algorithm that will increase your visibility.

Service categories – I maximise your coverage by making sure that your service categories are correct and aligned with your business.

This means your primary and secondary categories are filled in correctly which involves competitive analysis via some of the software I utilise on a daily basis.

Some of the other ways we optimise for local search

On top of setting up your GMB page, we optimise your website itself by allowing it to represent your local area, this is a two-step approach.

Step 1 – I make sure that your website has references to the area you serve by having clear and accurate contact details including your address.

Step 2 – I build links and citations from other local and national companies and organisations with your NAP (name, address & phone number) back to your Website as it’s vitally important that Google sees your company and address a number of times on other established and trusted websites within the same geographical area.

This includes sourcing links and citations from companies in ways that most other SEO companies overlook, such as taking the postcode and Website URL and performing manual searches to look for Websites I can also gain valuable citations from.

Undertaking proper search engine optimisation must be approached in a detailed and methodical manner, but with the right planning and execution, the results can be spectacular for a Website and business, so if you're interested in working with me get in touch and let's discuss your plans.

Last updated on 7th July 2022 at 22:10