UK White Label SEO Services

If your company is looking to offer SEO services to your new and existing customers and provide them with a wider range of services without the hassle of employing extra staff and taking on the workload yourself then Digital Cornerstone can help by providing private label SEO services.

Let me work on your behalf as your white label SEO provider and consider me part of your team as I improve the organic visibility of your clients' Websites.

Not only will I act as an extra member of your team but the level of contact I have with your clients is also entirely up to you. I'm happy to work directly with them on your behalf or have complete anonymity, the choice is yours.

What type of company can benefit from a white label SEO reseller service?

Recruiting a white label SEO company to work within your digital marketing company is nothing new and there can be a wide range of requirements for following this route, such as low staff numbers, SEO isn't your main area of business or your workload is simply too high. These are all normal and understandable reasons for wanting to outsource SEO to another agency or consultant.

There are a number of companies or agencies that would benefit from using a white label SEO service, such as:

  • Web design companies
  • Any digital agency whose core service is social media campaigns or email marketing
  • Offline marketing agencies that know their customers need visibility in search results pages
  • Branding agencies
  • Other online marketing companies and SEO agencies that simply can't cope with their current demand within the SEO industry at the moment

In fact, I would argue that in this day and age, the target audience of pretty much any Web-based enterprise will benefit from having an external company take over their content strategy and link building so that they can focus on their agency offerings.

And with the algorithms that Google deploy being widely misunderstood by agencies whose core competencies aren't within the SEO field, teams can quickly end up spending large amounts of money on poorly developed strategies which will lead to poor delivery of SEO services to the client.

You get to focus on your client acquisition & client experience

The whole point of adding white label solutions to your business is to allow you to focus on potential customers and gain customer loyalty, basically the lifeblood of any business.

Therefore I work in the same way an in-house employee does which leaves you and your sales team to focus on it's client base and client relationships whilst I handle the SEO.
This leaves your marketing managers to focus on client engagement, prospective clients, and providing exceptional client service whilst hitting your business goals, and as we all know, a critical component of any business is the happiness of your customer base.

I offer first-class support and can act as part of your sales process for customers that have questions or as part of your customer support team during the on-boarding process.

By using Digital Cornerstone as your white label SEO provider you'll be getting a professional service that prides itself in discretion and attention to detail. I treat your customers as exactly the same as my own because your reputation matters to me.

I'm also happy to sign an NDA if you deem it appropriate.

The main benefits of using a white label partner are flexibility & skillsets

Using a white label SEO team is an excellent option for agencies looking to expand their reach. You have an instant expert at hand to answer questions that basically act as your in-house SEO team.

However, you might only need certain aspects of my SEO service and not be looking for a full-service white label provider. For example, you might only need a white label link building service because you have a digital marketing partner or in-house writers that take care of everything other than linkbuilding.

And this is fine with me. I work as an in-house solution to not only your business clients but also your digital marketing agency.

What Should I Expect To Get Done For My SEO Clients With White Label SEO Services?

White label SEO partnerships should be as flexible as the marketing agency needs them to be, so I can do as much or as little of the SEO strategy as you like, from handling the entire process to focusing on specific campaign goals such as blog outreach for link building, or a content strategy that gets passed over to an in-house team.

As an SEO expert, I pride myself on providing quality services that make a difference. Here are the core services and digital marketing activities I offer:

  • Proper keyword research that targets the correct keywords. I focus on keyword relevance, search intent &  long-tail keyword traffic that in turn works miracles for high-volume keywords.
  • A content marketing plan that covers all aspects of the services a client offers and builds authority in the eyes of the search engines.
  • Backlinks and strong backlink profiles work as the building blocks for all successful SEO campaigns, and my link building solutions ensure that your clients' online presence becomes a success story every single time.
  • Competitor analysis that enables me to benchmark and analyse how much work needs to be carried out to create a winning campaign.

What I promise as an SEO consultant is to provide you with all of my knowledge and expertise so that the performance and delivery of each campaign more than exceed the expectations of your clients and give them the edge over competitors through an effective strategy.

However, not every company needs the complete head-to-toe SEO service so I'll work to the demands of both you and your client, for example, you might want:

  • A detailed technical SEO audit to make sure your clients' Website is in good health with no unseen technical barriers holding it back.
  • Require detailed articles, blog posts, product page descriptions, or category page content that covers topics in detail. If so my on page SEO service and copywriters will set about researching and creating compelling content that readers will love.

All work is carried out by me and my team to your specific requirements within a defined time frame.

How does the SEO reseller process work?

My white label services work as any other service offering does. We discuss the business goals of your customer base and create digital marketing solutions that align with each business owner.

The only difference is that with white-label partnerships, it's your responsibility as the agency owner to interact with your customer base unless I'm instructed to do so on your behalf.

Please note that I only offer SEO as a service, I don't offer any form of Google Ads service.

Contracts & payment

Using white label SEO consultants is a cost-effective way to increase any given companies digital marketing offerings and profit margins, but as I'm an external professional I will need payment in full and upfront before I can work on your behalf.

There are no contracts involved and each job is priced on a per-project basis, I don't offer white label SEO packages because every job and Website is different therefore packages simply don't work for anyone serious about providing proper SEO services. I will not work with any company that wants set monthly packages.

Generally speaking, I will only commit to 1-3 months or 6-8 months or above as SEO is a mid to long-term venture (most of the time).

Reseller SEO Monthly reporting

As part of my service, I can offer white label SEO reports on your behalf to your clients that show the progress of everything from the keyword rankings to where I've built backlinks.

These are regular reports that are provided to your customer(s) on a monthly basis so they can understand and see where their money is going.

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