Exile Gear was a new and very small eCommerce site built on Shopify that focused on the CrossFit market. The site required content and links, so I focused on search terms and entities that surrounded the target phrase, along with supporting content and internal linking.

In the subsequent months, I focused solely on link building (including tiered links) and updating the content to make sure that it met the searchers' intent.

Halma is a FTSE 100 company that required auditing and strategic planning for a specific aspect of one of the companies it owns. I organised their team and provided them with all of the information and training they needed to move the site in question forward.

DC clients - XPV

I work with XPV Water Partners on a monthly basis to oversee and project manage the growth of very specific aspects of their SEO. They asked me to consult on a range of services, including competitive analysis and strategic planning for a new product range.

My ongoing role with them is to consult with their team to ensure deadlines and targets are met on a quarterly basis.

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