B2B service provider

This anonymous business-to-business service provider came to us, recognising that a comprehensive SEO strategy would save them thousands of pounds per year in escalating advertising costs and provide them with a steady stream of clients. And with the average cost per click ranging from £15-£24 per click, it made perfect sense to focus heavily on SEO and gain those trusted top spots at the top of page 1.

What we did

This clients Website was well made, technically sound, and pleasing to the eye, so our objectives were straight forward, to optimise the content for the intent of the customer (starting with the service pages), build better and more links from relevant Websites and create more targeted content in general which will, in turn, build a better knowledge graph and create authority in Google's eyes.

The results

There are a number of established competitors within this niche, all of whom have the resources and in-house SEO teams to keep on top of their Website's and it's rankings, but after just 4 months, the site is now in the top 5 for it's target search terms within it's geographical location.

If you're thinking of working with us, we will release the details of this Website so you can check the results for yourself.

What's next

Moving forward, we have an ongoing content creation and linking building roadmap to work through, coupled with an internal linking campaign that will cement it's place at the top of the SERPs.

Last updated on 3rd May 2021 at 18:38